About us

Ershad Trabar Pars International Transportation Company, with registration number 47337, was established in 2015 with a carrier-forwarder license to operate in international transport affairs and has started its activities by using the long experience of experienced managers.

Ershad Trabar Pars Company has been able to establish active agencies, permanent and regular services in the field of international transport (land, air, rail, sea), export and import to all parts of Turkey, CIS countries (including Georgia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Armenia, Turkmenistan, and Russia), all European countries (including Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Italy, and France) and China and to carry out all matters related to customs clearance.

we have always put customer orientation at the forefront of our activities and in this regard, we have always tried and try to provide the best services to our customers at the most appropriate price and as fast as possible.